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2018 SchoolDigger.com rankings

2018 SchoolDigger.com rankings
Friends of Education congratulates its schools in the 2018 SchoolDigger.com district rankings. SchoolDigger ranks districts based on average score obtained in each grade on state assessments compared to the state average score.  Many congratulations!


2018 Minnesota School District Rankings (out of 440)


1. St. Croix Preparatory Academy

2. Eagle Ridge Academy

3. Mahtomedi

4. Yinghua Academy

5. Orono Public Schools

6. Nova Classical Academy

7. Spectrum High School

8. Minnetonka Public Schools

9. Delano Public Schools

10. Edina Public Schools

26. Aspen Academy

28. DaVinci Academy

29. Cologne Academy

Featured School
Cologne Academy
Where is Cologne Academy located? 
1221 South Village Parkway
Cologne, MN
What does it cost to send my child to Cologne Academy? 
It’s free!
What grade levels are offered? 
Cologne Academy is a K–8 grade educational program
Cologne Academy