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Cologne Academy named a 2020 State School and District of Character

Cologne Academy named a 2020 State School and District of Character

Cologne Academy’s founding board, in 2008, established a commitment to character education by explicitly stating this in the school’s vision statement.  In 2016, Cologne Academy received an Honorable Mention recognition award.  The school took the feedback that was given and applied www.character.org’s recommendations and implemented some more intentional practices in our school day.  After many revisions and upon reflection, the school decided that we were ready to narrate all of our practices aligned to the 11 Principles of Character and reapplied for this award in fall 2019.

"Cologne Academy is very proud to have received this distinction. The criteria for meeting the high standard of excellence in character is very rigorous as it demands actions not just words.  This high honor speaks volumes about the staff, families, and students of Cologne Academy as they too come to realize and appreciate the subtle, yet, dynamic changes that occur when we focus on creating an environment were all can learn, feel safe, and succeed," said Dr. Lynn Peterson, Executive Director.

Congratulations Cologne Academy!

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