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2022 Dr. Lynn Peterson Receives MACS Leadership Award

2022 Dr. Lynn Peterson Receives MACS Leadership Award

Dr. Peterson empowers her staff at Cologne Academy to take on leadership roles at various levels and provides strong professional learning opportunities for staff.  Her board knowledge allows for the development of school board members, including monthly board trainings and individual development plans for each member.  “In addition to empowering staff, Dr. Peterson has a gift for creating a positive work environment,” celebrating the successes of the prior year during back-to-school workshops, “and setting the tone and goals for the upcoming year.”  She also utilizes social-emotional learning to bring the well-being of staff and students to the forefront while promoting a culture of student progress, achievement, and success through data-driven instruction and “Show What You Know” days.

Dr. Peterson’s organizational procedures and practices are her forte, and her emphasis on intentional community building and maintaining a positive school culture is seen and felt every day as students enter and leave school.  She is passionate about closing the achievement gap and ensures that students are consistently engaged by caring adults.

In addition to her work at Cologne Academy, Dr. Peterson is on the front lines of developing and empowering the educational leaders of tomorrow, as she holds adjunct professor roles at two universities.  She serves on the Committee of Belonging, which works toward creating a sense of inclusiveness throughout the local community.  Under Dr. Peterson’s leadership, Cologne Academy has established successful partnerships with community organizations that ensure the wellbeing of her students and enhance the impact of school events and activities.

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