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Request for Proposals:

High-Quality Charter School Replication

Operators of high-performing charter schools are invited to apply to Friends of Education to establish another school.


Friends of Education welcomes proposals from operators of high-quality charter schools.  Friends of Education believes that the best indicator of future performance is past performance; consequently, the replication application for high-quality charter school replicators is simplified.  See the Replication Application in Downloadable Resources.


Friends of Education performs an initial evaluation of the application.  Applications which are incomplete or which demonstrate significant academic, fiscal, or operational deficiencies do not merit additional consideration and are so notified. 

Site Visit & Interview

Applications meriting additional consideration are further evaluated by Friends of Education and its review team.  Friends of Education schedules a site visit to the school which will be replicated.  Friends of Education’s site visit team includes experts with a wide-range of experience, including charter school operations, education, and finance.  The site visit team also conducts the interview on site.  The purpose of the interview is to respond to questions or concerns that the review team had in evaluating the application and conducting the site visit. 

Post-Site Visit & -Interview Evaluation

The Friends of Education evaluation team makes a determination as to whether the replicators provide clear evidence of capacity to establish and operate new schools successfully while maintaining quality in existing schools.  Approved applicants receive feedback to further improve continuous improvement.  Denied applicants also receive feedback for consideration.